Make Your Child’s Exercise a Resolution with HappyFeet

If you are looking for kids sports in Tulsa for your preschooler, you can’t go wrong with HappyFeet.

Specifically for children ages 2 through 6, HappyFeet is an exciting and entertaining fitness program that uses soccer as a way to improve your child’s overall fitness level. Soccer can also help him work on hand-eye coordination, balance, and other skills that come in handy when playing at home or when entering sports leagues as he gets older.

In addition to leagues where your child can compete on a friendly and competitive level, HappyFeet also has weekly classes available through local schools and even classes through the Parks & Recreation Center.

For older kids, HappyFeet has a Legends Soccer Club for those who are 6 to 19, so no matter what age your child is, HappyFeet will have a soccer program tailored just for him.

If your child is enrolled in a fantastic and healthy activity here in Tulsa, tell your neighbors about it with a post on our Facebook page.  For more information about our luxury pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa, contact us today.

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